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Jeff Hatch, Lead Survival Instructor

Jeff grew up Massachusetts where he spent his younger years fishing, hunting, camping, building forts and shelters. His first introduction​ to the outdoors was with the Boy Scouts, were he gained a strong foundation in basic wilderness skills. As he got older he studied primitive skills and wilderness survival. Focusing on the indigenous people of Scandinavia, the Sami people. His mentor for many years has been wilderness bushcraft and survival instructor, Lars Falt of Sweden.  Jeff holds certificates in Outdoor Leadership / Land Survival and is also a Wilderness First Responder.  Jeff’s travels have taken him on many wilderness adventures around the world including Vancouver Island BC, Canadian Rockies and Alaska. Jeff founded Raven Wilderness School in 2015 where he teaches the craft of traditional Scandinavian bushcraft and the teachings of Lars Falt.

Joe Tuliano, Survival Instructor

Joe Grew up on a lake in Central Massachusetts fishing, hiking, camping, and canoeing every chance he could. At a young age Joe was inspired by survivability which led him to wanting to learn more about the ways of survival. With a "always be prepared" mindset Joe has adapted himself to a more self sustainable lifestyle through homesteading and wilderness living.

Over the past five years Joe has become an avid hunter and outdoorsman.

Joe's goal is to get as much knowledge out there as possible to hopefully help as many people as he can with not just survival and bushcraft but with everyday life. With this passion Joe found his way towards the Raven Wilderness School where he has become a survival instructor.

Jon Turner, Survival Instructor

Jon Turner grew up in northern Connecticut before enlisting with the Marines in 2003. Much of his youth was spent camping and learning ways to better understand the natural world. After his last deployment to Iraq in 2006, Jon returned to his roots, utilizing wilderness living skills and food systems as mechanisms for self-care.

For the past 15 years, Jon has worked to assist with the veteran reintegration process and educate communities who seek to be resilient and thrive. He has been a Wilderness First Responder, trainer for Sierra Club Military Outdoors, volunteer for Vermont Adaptive, and thoroughly enjoys winter bushcraft.

Jon currently lives in the Green Mountains with his family and operates Wild Roots Community Farm.  

Tony Melendy, Survival Instructor

Tony has spent most of his life growing up in Northern New Hampshire fishing, hunting, hiking and exploring the woods of New Hampshire and Maine. He was a Boy Scout and Boy Scout outdoors wilderness trainer. Tony has traveled through Scandinavian and Europe learning about different cultures. His real passion is helping people discover the outdoors not only for its beauty but for the happiness and self-reliance we all have within us when we are one with nature. Tony started off as a student of Raven Wilderness School, and now has become an assistant instructor. 

Jessica Hatch, Instructor-In-Training

Jessica grew up in Connecticut and on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, taking Sunday hikes with her family and summer camping trips since she was a child. She enjoys exploring different natural environments, from coast to coast. Jessica lived in Portland, Oregon for several years after college and was able to hike and explore the beautiful Northwest, along with seeing the beauty of our natural lands on her cross country trip. It is there where she fell in love with the outdoors and nature's grandeur. 

     Jessica graduated college with a Bachelor of Science in Biology on full academic scholarship from CCSU, and obtained a Masters in Education from Keene State College in order to teach science. 

     In her undergraduate work, Jessica took many anthropology courses and had the honor of participating in an archaeological dig on Wing Island in Brewster, Massachusetts where she and her team uncovered evidence of Native American work sites. She used this work as a guide for her thesis paper and acquired minors in Anthropology and General Science.  

     Jessica's main profession is as a secondary school science teacher, where her enthusiasm for anything and everything science often sparks curiosity in her students. Jessica's passions not only include science and the outdoors, but art, photography, and yoga as well. She hopes to become a skilled wilderness school instructor as well as a certified nature and forest therapy guide along, along with peak climbing where she will be able to use her off trail outdoor skills. 

"In the wilderness you are always a student never a master"